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Medieval weapons for sale at Viktor Berbekucz’s VB Swordshop

Medieval weapons is a very wide range of weapons of the middle ages. There are a lot of categories to be made and a lot of interesting stories behind each kind of weapons. Medieval weapons include swords, daggers, battle axes, maces, medieval knives and a few others. All different kind of people used different kind of and shape of weapons.There were for example lot of variety in swords, and they were used by different folks with different geographical and social attributes.

The most effective swords were the gothic swords, the viking and norman swords, and different kind of sabers. There were one and two handed swords with single and double edges as well.Battle axes were probably first used as a weapon in Europe by the Vikings, as we now know from historycal data. But native americans also used some kind of axes, they called it tomahawk as in Asia japaneese samurais used a different kind of axe called Masakari, while Chinese battle axex can be divided in three subgroups: Fu, Yue and Ge.If you are interested in different kind of medieval weapons, there are all different kind of medieval weapons for sale at Viktor Berbekucz's VB Swordshop. Viktor Berbekucz is a very well known swordsmith, who respects tradionions and he tries to keep and respect them.

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