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Battle axes

Axes and battle axes has been used by human sincet he stone age or even earlyer. Even millions of years ago there were richer and poorer people, and to fight in a combat, or in a battle, battle axe was used by the poorer part of the fighting men. Nowodays the proofs seem to show that the first battle axes were used by the feared northmen or how we now call them, the Vikings of Europe.

The battle axes of the Vikings were made to harm the body as much as possible, to cause physical damage, as great as it can. These battle axes were not designet to cut trees in the woods. Battle axes were used in the battles by foot soldiers mostly in the middle ages, to be able to cause harm eve to thick armored enemies. Even knights on horses used battle axes some times, as part of their great weapon arsenal. Battle axes were sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier, they were made for both one and two handed weapons. Sincet he middle ages, battle axes had less and less use in battles, but in all part of the world, before using guns and shotguns, it had a big inpact the culture of protecting the family and even more attacking the enemy. Even native americans used battle axes, they were called tomahawks, as battle axes were used by asians as well, the samurai’s war axe was called masakari.

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